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How do I find a job on AIDECAST?

Aidecast is a tool created to connect home care agencies with Home Health Aides that vary in skills and experience.  The application process for job seekers is an in-depth process that allows home health aides clearly list the skills they posses, patient conditions they can handle, devices they are familiar with operating, and shifts they can work such as days, hourly and live-in assignments.  Every HHA that registers with AIDECAST is contributing to evolving the home care industry by allowing home care agencies to discover and hire HHA's based on the skills they posses and region the aide lives in.  This allows home health aides to service clients closer to their home and at the skill capacity the aide can handle.  So if you are looking for work as a home health aide, simply register with Aidecast, complete the registration form, and view available assignments.