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How does AIDECAST help Home Care agencies with staffing cases?

AIDECAST is the app for home health care professionals.   Home Care agencies utilize the AIDECAST Job Board to staff cases in hard to service areas or clients that require total care or aides that require skills to operate certain devices.  

The key to our web application is the home health aide registration form which consists of a series of skills and experience related questions and availability to help service coordinators identify aides that meet the requirements for staffing and stabilizing open assignments.  After a job is posted, all home health aides registered with AIDECAST are notified of the new assignment available.  Home Health Aides are able to view all available assignments and connect directly with the agency to inquire about the available job opportunity.  

Job posters are then notified via email when an aide has applied to their jobs, allowing the agency to review the application of all aides that apply to the job, and identify the aide that best meets the requirements of the job. Agencies can contact any aide that applies to their job to confirm skills and ability, begin the on-boarding process, and allow the aide to begin working as soon as the aide registers with the agency.  Depending on the policies and procedures of the home care agency, an aide that applies to an available assignment can begin working the next day. That is totally up to the home care agency.