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How does AIDECAST help Home Health Aides find better jobs?

Aidecast was designed to help home health aides work closer to their homes (less traveling), earn more (compare pay rates by agency), and accept assignments they actually want (view job descriptions to learn about skill requirements, language, and days of service).  We believe that home health aides perform best when they travel less and fully understand the conditions of a client before taking on an assignment.  

To help you find the best assignment, we have designed a registration form that will allow you to specify your location, distance you are willing to travel, the skills you posses, the devices you know how to operate, client conditions you are ok with, and shift availability.  Service coordinators look for aides that meet the requirements set by their clients and nurses.  So the more you know, the more likely you will be contacted for an assignment by a home care agency or a direct paying client in your area.